Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year

2012 was the year that got better. I quit my job and went back to my old company where I got to work with some of my dearest friends again. It was like going home. Unfortunately it could only be for a short time, and I moved jobs again in September.
Just before I started at the new job, me and him travelled up north to see his family in Newcastle and stopped off in Saltaire to see the Hockneys. Then, while wandering around the park in the pouring Bradford rain he asked me the question. That's right, the big one. 
So I started the new job, engaged to be married and just weeks later my best friend and one of my bridesmaids was here from Mexico for a rare visit. Me and him knuckled down in October and the wedding was planned by November. 
And here we are, 2013. Already off to a flying start after hearing the news that my other best friend (and other bridesmaid) has given birth to a beautiful baby girl on the 1st January. 
Here's to us, you and yours. May 2013 bring everything you wish for.

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